CRM for a loan company

The client uses his own CRM system, which is used daily by about 200 employees from different cities. Our goal was to update this CRM, make it more user-friendly and adapt to work on any device.


UI & UX DesignerFrontend Developer


Requirements Gathering, Prototyping, UI & UX Design, Frontend Development

CRM for a loan company

My role was to develop a new interface based on the most popular use cases usages by different types of users.


  • UI & UX Designer + Frontend Developer Me

  • Junior UI & UX Designer

  • Business Analyst

  • Lead Frontend Developer

  • 3 Backend Developers

Totally the application has 8 user roles, but we single out 2 main ones on the basis of which we create personas. I research device usage scenarios for each type of user and finding the most widely used cases.



Account manager

35 years old · female · lower post-secondary vocational education

Common Information

Puts family and children to the first place in life, work for her is an obligatory part of life that does not bring much pleasure. Ordinary employee.

Experience level & usage context

Due to the rather high digitalization and not old age, it is quite easy for her to learn how to use new products, and does not particularly think about its complexity. In the context of application useage usually operates with the limited functionality.

Goals and concerns

The main goal is to avoid errors in data entry and calculations. Get job done quickly.




43 years old · female · university degree

Common Information

Leads a calm measured family life, treats work responsibly.

Experience level & usage context

experienceIt is quite difficult for her to use non-standard interface patterns. Fairly low level of experience in related software.

Goals and concerns

Accurately read the necessary information, trace and accurately understand the residuals.

After identifying the main user personas we are creating Customer Journey Maps to figure out the key interaction points with the interface.

Account manager


Make a new calculation and check the client.


Do it quickly and with a minimum of mistakes.


Getting Information and getting started

Data entry and validation

Saving the results


Get started quickly

Easily log in to another department

Enter data correctly

Get correct calculation results

Read data correctly

Link calculation results to the existing customer

Create a new customer with new calculation results


Navigate to login page

Open authorization form

Fill out the calculation form

Get calculation results

View customer information

Saves calculation results

Application Screens

Main statistics screen is available to the head of the department and allows quickly see the main indicators of turnover, profit and statistics of new customers, track the department activity.

Analytics Dashboard
User Create
Authorization in another department
User View
User Create

Client and Contract Management

Add client
Client contracts
Client information
Contract view
Creating a contract
Add client

Reports, Handbooks & Calculations

Cash desk & reports
View department
Precious metals handbooks
Quick calculation
Cash desk & reports
Elements playground
Mobile view in perspective